Cheryl is a Certified Bob Ross Instructor    in Landscapes, Seascapes, Florals and Wildlife.  She has had a love for art since she was a little girl and now she wishes to share that love with you.

Cheryl discovered the "Bob Ross 'Wet on Wet Technique" many years ago growing up in Milwaukee watching him on public television.  For years she was fascinated by his ability to forget about everything and just get lost in painting.  "There is such a serenity that I feel when I paint and this is what makes this technique so enjoyable."

Cheryl also loves to draw, sketch and doodle.  In her free time she likes to take walks and spend quiet times with God.

True art takes interest, practice, dedication and a desire to have fun while doing it.  A special thank you to Dorothy Curry who inspired me to pursue my talents and abilities so I can share them with others.
What is the "Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique"?
It is the application of wet paint on top of wet paint, omitting the traditional “wait” for each layer to dry.  Using special firm oil paints and starting with a wet-based canvas, paint may be glided across the canvas with large brushes and palette knives-----making clouds, mountains, trees, and water appear in seconds.

Bob Ross, host of the #1 rated The Joy of Painting”    TV series, has created more “first time” painters than any other artist in history.  His easy-to-do technique motivates thousands of people to pick up a brush and put their dreams on canvas.
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